Tuesday Morning

Nine fifty. I just got back from Bi Mart. At the pharmacy, Jeanine was haggling with a Hispanic. They were having a communication breakdown. I felt like I ought to help, but my Spanish isn’t so great. It needs practice. As it happened, I just picked up my prescription and left. It cost me only $3.50, and I paid with my debit card. On my way home, on Silver Lane I observed a small cloud that was round like the moon. I couldn’t tell whether it really was the moon in the blue sky, but I doubt it. My fingers felt extremely cold, as if frostbitten. The journey took me less than an hour. When I got home I ran hot water over my hands. The worker left to go fetch the pressure washer, so I seized the opportunity to feed Aesop. Right now, it’s nice to sit down in a warm house. No worries.

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