Eight twenty five. I haven’t grasped the full implications of how I surprised Dominic at noon today. It started with me divulging my work for Project Gutenberg from 2013 to roughly 2015. Then it came out that I had experience with the schizophrenia forum as well as WordPress. But when I said I was doing the latter out of the closet, Dominic really adjusted himself in his seat and thought hard. It gives even me pause: what on earth have I been doing? Now it seems like such an upset to the way Employment Services does things. And I also do church as an “out” schizophrenic person. My blog— my blog! There’s so much that I haven’t told Dominic. Then I showed him some writing samples that knocked the wind out of him. Finally, I revealed that I remembered things he had said eleven years ago. He must’ve believed I was extra sensory or something. Hence he was quite bewildered on our way across the street. At the same time, Ken, another participant at Laurel Hill, remembers me from when I worked there. So does Jeannie. Therefore it could be that Dominic’s memory is simply not good. Between today and the last time we met, he had completely spaced out that I’d had a house fire. He also confused me with another client once today… Gee, is he really good at what he does?


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