Three thirty. I haven’t been sleeping well. I keep hallucinating a raucous noise. It wakes me up, and then I wonder if it really happened. It feels cold in here. A couple of people from church have suggested how human beings must create meaning in their lives, after the ideas of Albert Camus. I added that William Faulkner had the same thought. That’s what The Sound and the Fury is all about. It comes to the reader in fragmented form, reminding us that we need stories to make sense of existence. Perhaps Stephane Mallarme expressed the idea first in his poem “A Dice Throw.” He suggests it at least formally… It doesn’t matter if Jesus is a reality or not. What counts is what we do with the information available. We can virtually will God into being by acting together in a group. I’ve seen it happen before at my old workplace. I’ve witnessed it playing in a rock band. In a group of five, the sixth presence was the spirit created by all. Humanity is magical in its potential to create and make a difference. And every interdependent individual counts, no matter how small. I learned that from revisiting Madeleine L’Engle a week ago. Everything relies on everything else, and one thing out of place makes a disturbance. A raucous noise in the night…


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