Carly Simon

The song in my head is by Carly Simon: “Summer’s Coming around Again.” The chorus is amazing, the last syllable being raised a half step. It comes totally unexpectedly, a surprise chord change. It sounds bizarre and yet it works. I love music that takes risks like that. It’s a mark of modern music to be a little idiosyncratic, daring and original, unique and different. If the innovation makes sense it’s especially great. Kind of like Howard Roark’s buildings in The Fountainhead, each one designed for a specific purpose, irrespective of bygone traditions. So that when Carly Simon’s song elides up a half step, you can almost feel the sun rising— and that’s Impressionism or even imagism, translating a visual impression into a musical one. The effect is stunning. She definitely had a purpose in mind when writing the chorus. The song was released on the album Anticipation in 1971. The whole thing is very well done, and “The Garden” is another great track. I haven’t listened to the Cd in many years, and it was just a chance thought that brought the summer song to my awareness.

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