Different Drumbeat

Quarter of one. Church went fair; I was a little reserved about the theological stuff. It felt oppressive to me. The scope of life is much broader than the views of the Church. If I want to read about Tibetan yoga, then I should be able to. I don’t think Christ is the only one with enlightenment in the history of the world. It would be awfully vain of the West to make this claim. I don’t believe in exclusivity at all. It’s typically American to isolate and exalt its culture above all others. Jingoism is not for me. Dunno. I’m just tired of compromising my thoughts and feelings for an institution that frankly can’t be one size fits all. This country luckily makes provisions for people whose beliefs are personal and eclectic. We believe what we believe in accordance with our reason and our individual nature. I’m hovering over the decision to leave the church and seek my fortune in the workforce. I’m weary of trying to distort myself into Lutheran shape. It’s too limiting, even smothering. It doesn’t work for a person who thinks original thoughts from the heart; for one who is totally honest about his experience. The end of my churchgoing is in sight.

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