Winding Down

Quarter of four. I had another good practice on my green Dean. The neck scale is a bit smaller than on a genuine Fender, which is great for my small hands. The La Bella flat-wounds sound deep and powerful. Kate bought me that set about eight years ago. She ordered the strings from Germany and they cost her about twice what they go for in the States… Aesop is pressed up against my side on the loveseat. He had a stressful day. Me too. Time for peace and quiet. There will be no strangers around the house tomorrow. I will march off to the church to volunteer like on a normal Saturday morning. Then the rest of the day is ours. Overall, Aesop is very happy to be back home… I hope my bass picking calluses come back soon. My chops were so good last spring. Now that we’re back in the house, I should be able to play much better again… My neighbor Jennifer was angry because one of my workers shouted a profanity in her earshot when she was trying to sleep. I think that’s absurd, because she goes around flaunting a big fat doobie in her hand. I figure she can just be that way, but it surprised me to see her in my backyard. Of course she took exception to my house color too. Still it didn’t ruin my day.


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