I got four more hours of sleep, and then I got Aesop to go outside and come back without his lead. He got a reward of four Milk Bones. One thing he has down is potty training. He hates to mess that up. It is only four thirty in the morning, thus obviously the sky is still black as ink. When I think of the books I’m getting back today, the first one that comes to mind is my big orange William Blake. There have been passages I wanted to review, particularly the opening lines of Europe: A Prophecy. Newton sounds the trumpet of doom and then the angels crash to earth, as if to say that science is the death of religion. When I scanned Job a bit ago, I was aware of the issue of possessing knowledge. Some Christians believe that it’s a sin to compete with God in knowledge. And indeed it’s biblical the way God punishes people who aspire to know about his Creation. This belief is at the root of why the Church throughout history has retarded scientific progress. The Creation is sacred to Christians and not to be tampered with. But scientists figure that nature has no Creator, or anyway not like the Old Testament God. Jehovah is a jealous God, and his jealousy extends to his Creation as well. Anyone who dares to know is castigated in the direst way, like Adam and Eve, like the builders of the Tower of Babel, and like Job until Job admits he knows nothing of nature’s secrets. This jealous God, Creator of heaven and earth, wishes to keep his people in ignorance. So then comes Newton and blasts the trumpet of the last doom in the Blake prophecy, abolishing the angels. Abolishing the promise of life everlasting. So that the price of knowledge is the sacrifice of eternal life. Very interesting stuff…

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