I spent a paranoid night, thinking about Polly’s interest in my house. I need more evidence before I can really say anything. So just hang on until then and play dumb. I think it’s unrealistic to believe that Polly seriously would undermine me in order to usurp my house. She probably wishes she had it to give to her grandchildren. Yesterday she let slip having thought I had died and the house had gone back to the State of Oregon. And what if I really had died? Would she have contested the situation with someone? I see her thinking wishfully, which could be bogus mind reading by me, or then again a clear insight. There’s a reason why she showed up after the fire, and after two and a half years of broken contact. People would say my thoughts are depressed, but I’m protecting myself from danger. Dunno; I smell a cellar full of rats. My sister treats my house as if it were hers already. Very strange and suspect. But the only way to know is to play along a while longer and keep my eyes and ears open…


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