No Matter What

Quarter after ten. My family’s attitude has always been indefensible, so I’m thinking it’s them and not my blog that has to go. Justice and equality and freedom shall win the day every day forever and ever… This morning I read more of the Melville epic, and the tale that emerges is very ethnic and ahead of its time. It asks the honest question of why Christians don’t get along with Jews, or Muslims with either of them, or Hindus, Greeks, and so on. The same question would be taken up by James Joyce in Ulysses about fifty years later. I notice the presence of some racism in the church I attend, and that really is no kind of church. Other Christian churches are even worse for bigotry. It’s saddening because this belief is what’s available for free, and it’s misinformation. The more I look around at my community, the less I like it. Oregon may be beautiful for its natural places, but the people are mostly backward bigots. Someone needs to educate them, but they can’t be forced to learn. But at any rate, my blog will stay no matter what happens.


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