Filthy Lucre

Three thirty. It’s cold in here and wet outside. I just turned on the heater. I didn’t realize until yesterday that K— has a temper. Is that irrational or simply the way she is? Perhaps she takes things too personally? A bit too hard. L— meanwhile is more capricious and light, not so serious. Maybe a little irresponsible and immature. And then A— gets to be a diplomat for the two of them. Keep the balance. Conditions were tense and uncomfortable yesterday morning when K— was upset with J—. She refused to hear her explanation for her tardiness, which may have been important. Listening is always a good thing, especially when a person is defending herself. Listen and then work it out together logically. It could be that K— lacks rationality. I was rather relieved to leave for the day. My gender in particular made the situation awkward where it was a roomful of women being hard on each other. Any social dynamic can get a little aggressive. The more the members, the trickier it gets. The element of it being a money-making business adds to the stress and the worse part of human nature. Filthy lucre brings it out even on a small scale. When people compete with each other for survival and comfort, life can be ugly. I only wish there were a better way than capitalism. Human beings deserve to live harmoniously together. We all make our own heaven or hell individually and in masses. It is up to us to choose where we want to go. We have the power to save ourselves from doom, but the majority of us are not smart enough to choose what’s right. But first we have to agree on what is right. These are my utopian thoughts for today…


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