Eucharist Dream

Ten thirty. Had a weird dream about C—, about the fire, and about car accidents. I persuaded her that fate could be evaded by taking the pastrami Eucharist. And a broken Milk Bone explained the refrigerator fire. Basically it made fun of magic rites. Or maybe was more sympathetic than to be mocking, for C— really believes in such rituals. I had foreseen her death in a car crash and wanted to save her. Sort of like what happens in Donnie Darko, with the death of his girlfriend Gretchen.

But a Eucharist of pastrami and a Milk Bone is like a poor man’s offering, together with his dog. Take and eat, for this is my body, which is given for you in remembrance of me. Come, for all is ready…

In a way, the dream is very realistic, and it shows that I’m concerned about C— being drinking age at 21 years old. But what can a beggar offer besides a Eucharist of pastrami and a dog biscuit? Just the advice not to drive drunk.


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