Dmitry’s Fate

Cloud cover right now, but it’s supposed to clear up and be 85 degrees. I finally managed to sleep a few hours. Had a weird dream about King Crimson, particularly John W. He was worried about getting his royalties or something, even as a dead man. Well somebody gets his proceeds now. The dream was quite dark and involved a murder over money. It probably wasn’t King Crimson I really dreamed about, but I’ve had it before: John W wanted his money rather obsessively. Wanted it right now. Even while dreaming I made the connection with Dmitry in The Brothers Karamazov, the one who was desperate to have three thousand rubles in order to win a woman’s heart. I imagined him to look somewhat like John W as I read. This confusion resulted in the bass player and singer being frantic over his royalties. It’s interesting how we can personalize a story. Someday I’ll go back and finish the book in order to learn Dmitry’s fate. Does he escape to America? Or does he get shipped to Siberia? I’ve grown to care about this character, the mark of a great novel. I left him dangling the day before his trial, but what happens to him is important. I had only 150 pages to go. I will check the book share for the copy I donated on my way to the church this evening. Now I must know what happens to Dmitry Karamazov!


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