Reporting Vraylar

Ten o’clock. My Vraylar is a tremendous help with mental functioning. It knocks out my libido, but you can’t have everything. My reading comprehension has never been so good as now. And writing goes almost without saying. Nine bloggers liked my mermaids poem. It’s a poem about another poem; rather like writing an essay on an essay. But it seems to work. Even I am satisfied with it. It goes to show that reading good stuff produces more good stuff. What goes in determines what comes out. The mind is like the digestive system, incorporating what it needs and eliminating the rest. Heidi observed to me how the learning she doesn’t use gets lost. I guess that’s called functional validation, or “use it or lose it.” Unused capacities atrophy. But actually they just recede into the unconscious, because in my experience anything I learned can be revived and made good as new. I didn’t pay much conscious attention to the existentialism course I took in winter 1988, but a lot of the information is still there. With a little stimulation, like reading a source book in the subject, the mind wakes right up to the material. Anyhow Vraylar is a very good antipsychotic so far. Hopefully the long term won’t spring any adverse effects on me. It’s a bit like being Charlie Gordon in the Daniel Keyes novel, but I wish for a better ending.

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