Fearless of failing, sailing forth I go

In search of answers for the world to know

Our fate in the hereafter, when we die

More riddling than the Sphinx could ever try.

My ship is sound and worthy of the sea

Set prow to seventh wave; eternity

Across the bar and Pilot we would meet

Returning safe to spread the gospel fleet.

One hundred thousand crossword puzzles past

My mother worked, but strap me to the mast

My vessel verse is suited better for

The news rebroadcast from the farther shore.

And all will see and live in Paradise

Regained, abolishing the throw of dice.

7 thoughts on “Embarkation

  1. Please search for “A Toast” by Stephane Mallarme. I borrowed the sailing metaphor from him, and also from Ezra Pound’s first Canto. But I think Emily Dickinson used it before either of them. Thank you!

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    1. Thanks for the referral to “Toast,” which I hadn’t read before. I can see the allusion, but you were able to make the metaphor your own. I particularly like “One hundred thousand crossword puzzles past / My mother worked, but strap me to the mast.”

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      1. Thanks Liz. Being strapped to the mast is what happened to Odysseus before sailing past the Sirens. The seamen stopped their ears with wax and, on his order, confined Odysseus while his unstopped ears listened to the Sirens’ song. He was just curious, which I always found to be cool.

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  2. Your knowledge, your writing, and the knowledge and intelligence in your writing – RESPECT!!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-reading it!
    I’m not sure if you wrote poetry before, but here, your embarkation on the ship of poetry is so thrilling! Looking forward to many many more!!! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Aww shucks, Angana, what beautiful compliments! I know you’re not just saying that, either.

      Yes I used to write poetry in my thirties. Some of it was really good, imo, but I never published it.

      You know, it takes a good poet to recognize one. You keep writing too. Read whatever you need to to be inspired. I’m in your cheering section!

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      1. You are most welcome Rob!
        Wow… why don’t you publish them now? Let us relive your 30s one more time 🙂 🙂
        Yes Rob, I will try my best, and will always look forward to your insights. They always give such a meaningful dimension to my thoughts!

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