The predawn blackness is yet promising of a new kind of day. Eduardo’s wedding reception is today after worship. Victoria is a nice looking girl, and quite a flutist. It’s good that they’re staying in Eugene rather than moving to Brazil. I understand that the new president there is a worse conservative than Trump. He threatens to shut down the philosophy departments of universities in order to have no questions asked. He hates gay people and women… But today is a new beginning for Eduardo. For me, I suppose it is too. I don’t know where my words come from, but I say them anyway. They seem innocuous enough. No one has contacted me through WordPress with hate mail. I’ve gotten three offers for assistance in attracting visitors to my site. It just sounds shady to me, and besides I don’t want to waste forty dollars a month on a potential scam. I seem to be doing okay without cheating. I feel a little cold, so I think I’ll stop the air conditioning. I see the first light of dawn, grayish purple to the northeast. A cat just made a terrible screech. A few cars people the highway. Another observation: my brother said things that were untrue just to discourage me from doing my thing. He claimed that no one would understand what I had to say, but no one else has evidenced incomprehension so far. He further minimized every accomplishment of mine as being someone feeling sorry for me. That was a cruel thing to say, and I resent it. Actually, the number of cruel things he said is countless. He conveniently forgot all of them due to alcohol abuse. He can’t be incriminated for what he doesn’t remember, right? And he had the gall to call me an asshole last winter? I hope a mouse pees in his Miller Light. Meanwhile the sky lightens to a hint of blue with a touch of pink. The traffic intensifies to the accompaniment of barking dogs and cawing crows. A mourning dove coos owlishly. Nothing stops daybreak.


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