A Finding

Quarter of eleven. Discovery: I only hallucinate voices with my left ear. This may be a sign of a right hemisphere origin for the psychosis. That’s because what the left ear hears is processed by the right hemisphere, and what the right ear hears is done by the left side. I determined this finding by lying down with my left ear to the pillow. Researchers say there is a “right ear advantage” when we talk on the phone because the left brain takes care of language (primarily). Broca’s area is responsible for speech production, Wernicke’s area for comprehension. Both are located in the left cerebral hemisphere. I don’t know why, but my brother presumed to say that hemispheric lateralization is mere shop talk— but he never took a psychophysiology course. I took psychology as a science in college and nearly completed a minor in psychology with nothing but A grades. So I beg to differ with the likes of my brother with their heads up their butts. Hemispheric differentiation is real, however Julian Jaynes may be laughed at. And I would advise my cocky brother to go take a real biological psych course. Thanks for reading!

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