To Aspire…

Ten thirty. To make a plunge, just start writing, let word follow word in free association until a direction is established. Then pursue the current from the source to the sea. My brain is playing an old recording I made at 18yo. I had just graduated from high school, and my eyes shone with stars. The sky was the limit, my whole life was ahead of me. I was destined for pop music stardom as leader of the next Duran Duran. I didn’t worry about how it would happen. I got other people to believe in me too. The craving for fame is like the root cellar plant stretching through a chink for sunlight. The tendrils do find the day, even if daylight is posthumous. It just has to happen, as an acorn has to grow into an oak. For it not to succeed is contradiction. But the key to success is persistence. One must never give up. We know that being universally loved is not for real. But we still strive for the limelight, every one of us. And come one day, the invisible sun bathes us all after our long hard struggles with adversity. The river of life has many forks, but we always manage to rejoin the mainstream. Finally the river empties into a sea of everlasting light and harmony.

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