To a Friend and a Therapist

Eight thirty 🕣. After a power nap. A friend of mine said I am kind and open. She values these things, hence it flatters me to have them. I remember that the bad therapist a year ago didn’t presuppose the value of kindness. She had this brute vision of people dominating or submitting like cavemen, especially in sex. But I’d learned a long time ago from The Wife of Bath that sadomasochism is irrational and sick. The alternative was spiritual love, the equal rational love that comes to us from God. Thus I was not in the wrong when I fired this woman. My memory goes back a very long way, so I am not bamboozled by capricious fads and things that won’t stand the test of time. I think Chaucer is an eternal verity, and his vision of love is kind and far from troglodyte. This therapist person wasn’t rooted in much of anything except what was new and trendy… So when my friend remarked my kindness and openness, I knew she was sincere and I felt great. Some people can go their whole life and not get a compliment like that. I feel sorry for those people because I know how unhappy they are. When people are disliked, it’s a tough thing to turn around. Perhaps if someone offered the therapist a little random loving kindness?…

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