The Walls of Eisendeers

Midnight 🕛. Slept for four hours and dreamt about my parents, tv 📺, and bums in my backyard. Very interesting because the tv could see and hear you. On the tube I saw some old I Love Lucy’s and the face of Autumn Jade the porn star. Re the latter, I had the dream thought that I didn’t love her particularly but somehow we must love the one we’re with. Her face in fact was just ordinary, not very expressive of anything, even sex. She looked androgynous or bisexual, if sexual at all. Just not attractive, while in real life what had attracted me to her was her buxom body. Perhaps that’s no kind of love. It was merely carnal… The two bums in my backyard were sleeping. So was I. By the time I thought to wake them, they were already up and it was I who was lazy. The story leaked to the media. When I came back inside and told Mom, Dad didn’t understand. I told him that the walls had eyes and ears. Then, in the living room, Mom and I flipped through the channels on the interactive tv 📺…


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