Cabin Fever

imageWe both have a case of it. I took Aesop on his leash around the scene of the disaster and he sniffed all around. He is figuring out what happened for himself. Now, whenever he hears a siren he thinks it is destined for our house and I have to tell him there is no fire. He of course remembers the day very well when we had to evacuate. He puts together the sirens with having to move quickly and away from here. I’m not sure he knows why, however. Even I am a little edgy about any possible new fires happening. I make sure that my phone charger is disconnected from the wall when not in use. The odds are very low of such another occurrence but you never know.

It is cramped in the trailer and tempting to drink beer just to kill time. So far I haven’t cracked, but it is hard. I am under terrific stress which is catching up to me at last. But somehow we will make it through this. All shall be well, I keep reminding myself. And all manner of things shall be well.

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